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Our Services

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to our practice operational efficiencies services

Maximizing practice operational efficiencies



Never before has managing costs of practice operations been so critical to practice financial sustainability. Work flows modification to incorporate enabling technologies, drug acquisition management, revenue cycle, care team orientation with staff working to the top of license and attention to quality and outcomes reporting mandates (MIPS for example) can make the difference between a lean or a bloated overhead structure.


We are expert in maximizing operational efficiencies and in best practices in oncology service operations. Our team consists of individuals with ten to fifteen years of real word hands-on experience in oncology practice and cancer service line operations.


Particular areas of expertise include:


·    Practice operational, financial and readiness assessments

·    Work flow re-design, change management and practice improvement initiatives

·    Oncology Medical Home preparation and practice transformation

·    Technology applications to support operational efficiencies, customized EHR support solutions, “scribing” models

·    Quality improvement program development and project management

·    Pathway Program Implementation

·    Physician compensation models that align incentives and support alternative payment models

·    Full-charge interim management accountability