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Our Team

Carla Balch, MS



Carla Balch is a tenured President and CEO with expertise building infrastructure and driving growth in the healthcare technology market. Her proven leadership includes spearheading a pioneering oncology software organization, setting strategic direction, and positioning the company for successful acquisition. Carla’s achievements include expanding her organizations’ footprint by creating ground-breaking products, developing innovative market strategy, and building strategic partnerships across the market landscape. 


Serving as President of Nantcare, a California-based Oncology Clinical Trials and Technology company, Carla’s scope of leadership included business, revenue, staff, products, intellectual property, and infrastructure. Partnering with other Nant companies, Carla established strategic objectives and drove development of evolutionary technology tools specific to oncology clinical trials and operations.  Her deep ties to the oncology community enabled her to successfully execute the Cancer Breakthroughs 2020 Initiative, a historic global coalition formed to catalyze advancement in cancer research.


As President and CEO of Altos Solutions, a $15M web-based oncology software and big data company, Carla contributed thought leadership and strategic insights to cultivate a world-class technology organization. The depth and breadth of her expertise allowed Carla to develop dynamic products, build a robust culture, and grow the customer base by a remarkable 692% during her tenure. The success of Altos Solutions led Carla to facilitate its sale to Flatiron Health, a Google-backed organization that is now valued at over $500M. Carla’s business acumen and her steadfast commitment to the company were instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Carla developed her passion for patients and Healthcare Technology as Director of Product Development and Sr. Financial Operations Manager of SOS/ACORN, an oncology research company and community research network.  Carla’s combined knowledge in both healthcare and technology helped her recognize emerging needs and drive product and system development to meet those needs.


A graduate of University of Memphis with a cum laude Master of Science in Psychology, Carla’s commitment to the Healthcare community includes serving as Host of the Cancer Center Business Summit since 2004, and serving as a Healthcare Board Member of the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, MO. She mentors start-up companies and has co-founded two new healthcare ventures.